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    Problems bitmap filters FlashBuilder 4.7 / Air3.4 - Help!


      Yesterday, I purchased and installed FlashBuilder 4.7, 64 bit windows version.


      With it, I built my project for ios, and installed an export release (air3.4 for ios) on my IPad 1 for testing.


      Two "unforgivable" problems showed up:


      1. Most of the artwork looks utterly spoiled, as if entirely different filter coefficients
      were being applied to the bitmaps.


      (note: builds with FlashPro 5.5, FlashPro 6.0 and FlashBuilder 4.6 / air3.1 for ios (32 bit) of
      the same code all show consistent and proper results instead)


      2. The application runs much slower than when it was exported for release from FlashBuilder 4.6.


      Is there any way to deal with these problems?
      (apart from applying for a refund)

      Thanks in advance


      PS: Tests on the desktop (using the air simulator) using FB 4.7 show the same filter problem.

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