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    Cannot create Clipping Mask on 3 separate text objects

    DexterDave Level 1

      Hi All


      I have created custom text, so that each letter in my 3 letter word is a separate compound object.


      Now I have made a filled (with gradient) ellipse and rectangle behind the text to create a clipping mask with all 3 text objects. (see image1)

      However, when I select all the objects and select: object>clipping mask >make, it only mask the one letter, which is the one on top. (see image 2)


      However, when I group the 3 letters together, it does not create a clipping mask at all, it shows nothing... (see image 3)


      How do I ake all 3 letters be in the mask?


      Thank you


      Here is a link to the .ai file: http://lamininbeauty.co.za/david/STS.ai