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    Flex/Flash Builder version compability

    Ibarim Level 1


      I got a question about compability.

      My friend created a Flex Project using Flex Builder 3 and Flex SKD 3.6. Now I need to further develop that project possibly without changing much stuff inside it. The best way would be to buy Flex Builder 3 with Flex SDK 3.6. But now I see that Adobe changed names/versions and I'm quite confused about it.

      Can I still buy Flex Builder 3 somewhere? It'd be nice coz my friend can teach me how to use it, he didn't work na Flash Builder.

      If I change from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4.6 will there be much differences?

      What about SDK versions? Can I work with SDK 3.6 on Flash Builder 4.6?