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    Timeline animations and text, AIR mobile and "Other Bitmap Memory"

    totallyNoobular Level 1


      I searched around for this and didn't see it, I am having an issue with viewing memory consumption with Scout on an iPad application. I'm using Flex (only for the spinner list component) and RobotLegs.


      I have 3 screens, a "start" screen with a movieclip background, with some timeline animations imported from a swc. Just some scrolling background, there are a couple movieclips and some vectors.

      Second screen is a "choose a font" screen, with a bunch of text fields laid out in a movieclip, that are wired to change fonts and styles with some SpinnerList controls at the bottom.

      third screen is results, it sends the selections to a server and displays a tag cloud of popular choices.


      All 3 of these screens are using movieclips imported from swc, only one using a timeline. They are never removed or added once created, they only show and hide via alpha and visible properties.


      So after all that, here's the problem:

      Scout is showing that when I show and hide these movieclips, especially the one with a timeline animation, there is a jump in "Other Bitmap Memory". This memory never goes away after a GC run and increases every time the movieclip is shown or hidden. After an hour it is up past 170 MB! I simply animate the alpha to and from 0 and flip the visible property. The only new objects I am creating in this time are the tag cloud sprites, which are very small and the old ones are not building up in memory as far as I can see.


      So my question is, what is this "Other Bitmap Memory" and what does it have to do, if anything, with mc's, text fields and timeline animations brought in from Flash Pro?