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    How do you turn off auto-upload on a synchronization?


      Can anyone tell me how to remove the auto-upload setting on a synchronization? Specifically, when you save a file that is synced with another file and you are asked if you'd like to "Upload selected items to site [synced site]."


      There are two issues:

      1. If you click "Yes" when it asks if you want to save to the synced project, it will automatically do it every time even though you haven't selected "Hide this message in the future"
      2. If you click "No" and select "Hide this message in the future" it continues to ask everytime you save a file.


      The only way I've discovered to work around this is to sync to an additional project titled "DO NOT UPLOAD HERE!"


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Bb, sometimes the challenges with fixing things related to the FTP/sync feature is indeed finding the place to even see the settings. They can sometimes be easy to enable, then hard to find in order to change.


          In this case, I wonder if you would be helped by looking at the Sync Manager or Sync Explorer views, shown using Window>Show View>Other>HTML Standard Views. (These are part of Aptana, which is built-into CF Builder. The CFB docs don’t always help you find/use these Aptana features, which only increases the challenge of finding how to solve them.)


          Let us know if that helps at all. I realize it may not.