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    Trying to upgrade my subscription



      After speaking with your sales guys last month I  figured i need the plus service but was advised to try it for a month and test the service to see if it met my needs then up grade so

      I took out a monthly subscription of form central last month due for renewal tomorrow 10th jan - I have now decided to upgrade my plan to the yearly subscription - i am unable to upgrade using my account - it is ofering the full price of £146 per year instead of the reduced rate of £105.39 per year. can you look into my account for me i have tried via the phone but never seem to get to the right person.



      Can you upgrade my plan to the correct subscription rate. it needs to be done before the monthly renewal tomorrow.



      many thanks

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          Infinite992 Level 1

          still no responce to my support request, i have spent in excess of 40 minutes on the telephone on 3 occasions now which have led to no action been taken just sent round the houses and going over what i am reporting to be the problem in the first place.


          please respond to my problem, this is not good enough support service for any business to function from!


          many thanks

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            dave_m_k Adobe Employee

            We're sorry for the delay.  We've been working out the best way to get you to the proper solution.


            Could you try opening this link?  You should see the £105.39 price.


            Once you've subscribed to the FC Annual option, we can work on cancelling your FC Basic subscription.


            Again, we apologize for the delay.