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    Transform Again options are grayed out (dimmed)

    DesPro_7 Level 1

      I'm working in InDesign CS 5.5 and for some unknown reason, my Transform Again menu options are grayed out (dimmed). This is ALWAYS and FOREVER the case. Regardless of what it is I'm trying to apply the transform again command to. I've tried everything, even deleted/reset my preferences and still no resolution. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue might be??


      I'm running on a Mac Pro if it matters.



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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not knowing your experience level, my response of course has to account for the fundamentals, so please don't take offense or conclude that I'm talking down. If there's a known bug in this function, I'm unaware of it, but someone here will point it out eventually, I should hope.


          The Transform Again commands are only available under certain circumstances. There must be one or more qualified Transformations in memory, having been performed manually or numerically, and there must be one or more objects selected which is/are eligible to undergo the same operation(s).


          Without going in to every succeed/fail scenario possible, there are plenty of conditions under which the commands are rightly unavailable. If your grasp of the function was limited or misguided, you could easily expect it to be available when it wouldn't be. I'm not saying that applies to you, but you haven't offered enough detail to rule it out.


          Please detail a typical sequence of actions after which the commands are unexpectedly unavailable, and I or someone else will surely try to help identify and hopefully solve the problem.

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            DesPro_7 Level 1

            Thanks, John. Sorry for not providing more info. I'm pretty advanced in InDesign, and I take no offense to anything you've offered, and thank you.


            I'm actually wondering if this is some sort of bug or something. It's either that (which I doubt since no one else in my infinite online searches of this problem seems to be experiencing my issue), or it's something really simple and basic, so simple that I'm completely missing it??


            I'll give one scenario of when I experience this problem:


            Lets say I've imported 5 .psd files into my InDesign document. I place them all in a straight line from left to right. I want to rotate them all to be on an angle of say 45 degrees AND I want to rotate them all in their individual spots NOT as a group. So I rotate the first, either manually or by placing a number in the rotation angle field. Then, I deselect that first image and either select one or more of the other four images, go under the Object menu, select Transform Again, but then the flyout menu for Transform Again, which lists four options: transform again, transform again individually, transform sequence, transform sequence again individually, are all dimmed out.


            That's just ONE example. I'm so frustrated with it at this point. I've tried different graphics, photos, text boxes, selecting, direct selecting, and whatever else you can think of, and under NO circumstance so far have these ever NOT been dimmed. When I research the transform again action online, I find tons of videos of people actually accessing it, and it working for them. And they're doing exactly all the same things I'm doing.


            To further respond to your comment, yep, the transformation is in memory (because I'm trying to transform again directly after the applied transformation), and yep, I'm selecting the other objects of which are also elgibile to undergo the same operation (I can transform them manually of course, but not using the transform again command).


            I work with having a lot of images/photos in a layout and need to apply many transformations, and it's getting very tiresome to have to select each one to do them manually. ...Yet, I just can't figure out what, if anything, I'm doing wrong???


            Please let me know if I can provide you with any more info. Thanks for your help

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              It sounds to me like you are doing things correctly and the commands should be available.


              Lets verify that you really replace the prefs completely next. There are two files involved and complete directions at Replace Your Preferences


              Some Mac users have also found it necessary to remove the files on John's list at Adobe Forums: InDesign crashes at startup


              If that doesn't solve the problem, my instinct is that your installation is damaged and you should try running the installer again and choose Repair, if possible, or uninstall and reinstall.

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                DesPro_7 Level 1

                Wow! That did it!! Thanks!! I had come across your linked post in the past for resetting preferences using the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in your link, and that's how I had initially reset my preferences before posting my question. But when you said let's make sure I'm resetting them correctly, I did the manual reset (based on your instructions) and it worked!! (I didn't find it necessary to remove the files on John's list).


                Thanks for being so thorough and descriptive in your directions! Also, thanks for letting people know to make copies of the original preferences! YOU ROCK!


                So now I have one final question. Now that the Transform Again features are working correctly, is there a way to merge my old preferences with my new ones? I'd really hate to manually reset all my workspaces, shortcuts, print settings, etc. etc. ...But I guess if I have to, I have to.


                Thanks again!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Your workspaces and shorcuts should be fine and unaffected. You will have lost Document and Print Presets, however, unless you followed my advice to save them before deleting the prefs.

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                    DesPro_7 Level 1

                    Ah, yes. My workspaces and shortcuts are fine, good. Yes, I didn't save the print presets, you're right, I forgot you mentioned those. I wasn't too worried about them, because there are only a few, and alone, easily reset. The workspaces and shortcuts were the big deal--glad they remained unaffected. Thanks again for your help and your quick response! You'll save me many hours of work! -Not to mention frustration!

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      And NOW is the time to make backup copies of all that stuff.