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    Unused Files and Version Control


      Hello All -


      We have several files (images mostly) that are unused at the end of each year in our Help file.  We also have 3 users in version control.


      In the past, as I recall, we have had to use the following process to remove these unused files:


      1.  Remove the file from version control (otherwise, the unused files are just downloaded right back from version control once deleted)

      2.  Have one person use Windows Explorer to remove (delete) the images/files locally from their drive.

      3.  Add the file and now clean version with removed unused file back to version control.

      4.  Have each person that needs the new file remove their own local (and now out of date) copies and re-download the now updated file from version control.


      We updated to RoboHelp 9 last year and I guess I was hoping that Adobe made this a less labor intensive and manual process.  However, googling has netted me no results to indicate this is true.    Can anyone else speak to this or give me a better process?  We went through a complete graphic overhaul with our software (and Help as a result) and I have 50 pages of unused images printed out as a result.


      Any tips are appreciated.