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    WebWorks ePublisher style customization ignored


      Hello everyone,



      I apologize in advance for my English, since I'm not a native English speaker...


      I am currently using Adobe FrameMaker 8 and WebWorks ePublisher 2008.2

      Everything was fine until my company decided to change the graphic design of all documentations.


      Now I have several headers which are written in white on a  green page for the PDF version.


      I've customized several the styles for the HTML output using WebWorks ePublisher, and everything corresponds to what I want, except for sections and chapters headers! They are simply being ignored and remain white though I defined the color of the text as "Black". And since a webpage is white as well, they are not visible...


      It seems that this issue is only applicable to headers which are at the top of a FrameMaker page, the rest of the text (bullet lists, body...) applies the color modifications just fine...


      Does anyone know where it can come from, and how to solve it?



      Thanks in advance for your answers!