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    Anchoring text on an image


      I'm working on an application where I have to handle text and images. In a few words, I have several images on the backgound (swf files) and I write some mx:text over them.

      For the moment, I must specify for each text it's position using the x and y values but it's doesn't looks like a good solution. For example, if the user resizes his browser, the images are resized but the text aren't. Furthermore, I'm currently making the application on my screen (1280*1024) but it should work as well on other resolutions.

      So I would like to know if there is a simple way in Flex to anchor a text on an image so that when the image is resized the text stay in the same place ?

      Thanks !

      PS: I'm looking for something easier than listening for a resize event that would recompute all the x and y coordinates.