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    How can I NOT have a Scene Selection Button on DVD Main Menu?


      Using PRE 11.  I have one clip only, with no Scenes (imported from a VHS).  When I try to make a DVD, it adds a Scene Selection by default on the DVD main menu.  Since there are no "Scenes" (at least, as I think of Scenes on a regular DVD), is there anyway to delete/remove the Scene Selection button on the main menu?  All the templates that I saw include the Scene Selection.


      Along the same line, I will be importing some VHS to convert to DVD that will have several "clips" on each one.  For example, "Christmas 1988",  "Summer Vacation 1989", etc.  What I want to do with those, is have the separate "clips" as choices on the DVD Main Menu, and again have no Scene Selection.


      Is this possible?   Also, I bought a Photoshop/Premiere Elements a few years and a couple of versions ago (because the sale price was the same as Photoshop Elements alone).  I just barely looked at the Premiere after installing, didn't really use it,  but it seemed to me that there were a lot more DVD templates.   Can I download additional Templates from Adobe, or is what came on the DVD all there is?  Is there anyway of making my own, since I don't see just a basic one color type template, there are all too noisy for me.