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    Video problems

    John Hencmann

      DW cs5:  trying to use the insert FLV function:  all I get is - Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9.50.08 AM.png

      The page and the Scripts folder are in the same root folder.

      What am I doing wrong.  I used encoder to make .mov into .flv.

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi John,


          here are all the required DW-steps. In order you could control this, I'll try to describe in detail from the beginning (translated from my German DW):

          Create a really new subdirectory (only for this trial, later put in your file in question).
          Create a new html/php-file(only for this trial).
          Work in designMode --> Insert Flash-Video.
          Search/browse ---> yourFLV.flv
          Skin: Halo Skin 3 (min. width 280) ( it was my choice)
          width 640 ( it's my choice)
          height 480 ( it's my choice)
          I clicked all the boxes

          ---> And now away with all these files below (produced from DW) to your server and there in your directory you have worked with.

          Best you have a look with WIN-Explorer into your directory, to see all the files DW has created in your subdirectory and don't forget one):


          YourFlv.htm (or YourFlv.php)
          Clear_Skin_1.swf (my choice)