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    Context Sensitive Help for RH X5


      We have prepared a RH help content for a .Net application. Now the client has asked for a Context Sensitive Help for the same.

      When I googled for help, I got this:

      Context Sensitive Help for Web Apps

      Honestly, this method prescribed here seemed too simple. Has anyone tried this? Is the info provided here sufficient?

      If not, can u please tell me what else needs to be done?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          I haven't tried to follow John's instructions as calling the help is dealt with by our developers. However I am sure John's article would cover all you need to know about calling the help using Map IDs.

          You can also call the help using URLs and that method is described on my site.

          Map IDs mean your developers have control over the window used whereas URLs do not. URLs may be simpler to set up. Your call.

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            johndaigle Level 4
            Hey, Whatever...
            I wrote that article when RoboHelp X5 was the latest and greatest. I still use it today with RoboHelp 6 and the now 7. The only thing added was a free .NET API (code samples and examples) which you will find in the following folder if you download the Trial of RH 7. You will find it along this path on the computer where your RoboHelp authoring client is installed.
            C:\Program Files\Adobe RoboHelp 7\CSH API\RoboHelp.NET
            The information and documentation may be helpful for your developers whether they use it or not.

            As Peter mentions. Many developers do not use the WebHelp API as described in the article. Instead they "roll their own" code using coding methods familiar to them. It really is quite simple because at the heart of the matter you are just calling a simple URL.

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              Whatever... Level 1
              Thanks...I visited Peter's website and discussed the methods given there with my developer. We will probably be using Map ID approach. I created Map IDs and gave the file to him. Hopefully, things should work out now. I will update you guys in any case.

              John, I tried to download the Robohelp Trial version. However, it is too huge...Can you please tell me the specific advantages it offers w.r.t my requirement? Is it worth the download time and effort (installation of a s/w goes thru 2-3 rounds stages of justifications and approvals in our organization)?
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                johndaigle Level 4
                Great. The Map IDs work for me because I like to define the windows they will appear in.
                You DEFINITELY want to upgrade. It is a major, major upgrade and you won't regret it.
                Hey, what's 246 MBs these days
                For the trial, you can skip installing the RoboSource Control if you're concerned about space.
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  There's an article on my site that sets out what is new in RH7. Perhaps that will help. There's also a link to John's Reviewer's Guide which is more comprehensive.