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    best practices for creating closed caption

    paddyz123 Level 1

      From time to time, I need to add closed caption for my videos that are not destined for DVDs.  I used Titler to achieve this.  But this is very tedious and a short video could quickly end up requiring hundreds of titles created.  So I wonder if there is a better way to do it?


      Here is my workflow:


      - at the In point, create a title

      - change font size, position, and type in the text

      - close Titler and adjust the Out point on the title track to match video


      Keep doing this for every sentence...:-(


      I found out a shortcut by Duplicating the previous title so that I don't have to select font and position.  But this creates a new title called "XXXX copy".  By repeating this, very soon, I will have title name like XXXX copy copy copy copy copy copy.  It becomes confusing.


      It does not sound like PP has a built-in caption capability.  I just wish to see a better, more streamlined process.  Now my process to create caption takes as much time as it does to edit the video itself.