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    How do I control Edge symbols from external javascript?

    scottr@benjerry.com Level 1

      I have come across about a dozen similar discussions, but most have presented solutions that worked in earlier versions of Edge and no longer work.


      I am trying to use Edge to build animations that can then be integrated into larger non-Edge projects. I would like to then be able to control the Edge timeline or Edge symbols from elements OUTSIDE of Edge, such as another link or button in the page.


      I cannot seem to figure out how to properly reference the Edge stage or symbols.


      I have come across several proposed solutions for referencing Edge stage, such as:    


           var comp = AdobeEdge.getComposition("EDGE-966604542");

           var stage = comp.getStage();


           var comp = $.Edge.getComposition("EDGE-966604542");

           var stage = comp.getStage();    


           var comp = Edge.getComposition("EDGE-966604542");

           var stage = comp.getStage();


           and these either DO NOTHING or throw errors about either AdobeEdge or Edge or comp being undefined.


           Does anyone have a solution that really works with the current version of Edge Animate?