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    table of contents not displayed in Safari


      I need to be able to display our online help in FireFox and Safari. Aside from a few glitches, the help is usable in FireFox. Safari, however, is a different kettle of fish. Even though I can see the pane where the table of contents, index, and search information should be displayed, the panes remain empty. Clicking the respective buttons in the navigation pane do not display anything either. How can I get the toc to show?

      Vital stats:

      * Using RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2
      * Generating WebHelp Pro
      * Safari version: 3.0.4

      Would upgrading to RoboHelp 7 resolve this?

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          Hi Noelle,

          I've been having the same problem in IE 6. Three points I've noticed.
          - This missing navigation panel went missing just 2 weeks ago. Since then, some browser security patches have been installed on our workstations. This error message appears in my browser (Internet Explorer error message) when I open an index page:
          'Line: 222
          Char: 3
          Error: Automation server can't create object
          Code: 0
          URL: http://.../WebHelp/whskin_pdhtml.htm'

          - Everyone else in my group and elsewhere on our network can view my WebHelp packages perfectly; only I, the one who actually has RoboHelp installed, cannot.
          - To test this, I installed from disk onto a test machine (a very 'clean' client), and everything worked very nicely. The pane was there.
          - Someone else has reported this problem in a Google group about 2 weeks ago (macromedia.robohelp.webhelp).
          - When I try to edit a skin from within a RoboHelp project, I get the same message (as above; the suspect file being in ..\Temp\skinpreview_0\whskin_pdhtml.htm.

          I haven't seen any suggestions for resolution yet. Because of project deadlines, I will have to work 'blind' in the left panel, and view layouts on someone else's PC. When the time comes, I think I'll request a re-cloning of my PC.

          I use RoboHelp for Word X5.0.2, generating WebHelp, IE 6.0... I can't comment on RoboHelp 7.

          Hoping an answer comes soon,
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            Try this:
            In your output files, locate the files "whtopic.js" and "whver.js".

            1. Open whver.js in Notepad or another editor, and locate this line of code (it should be near the beginning of the file, line 30 or so):

            if(!gbOpera&&!gbKonqueror&&!gbSafari) // opera can mimic IE or Netscape by settings.

            Delete "&&!gbSafari" so that the line now reads like this:

            if(!gbOpera&&!gbKonqueror) // opera can mimic IE or Netscape by settings.

            Save your changes.

            2. Open whtopic.js in Notepad or another editor, and locate this line of code (it should be near the end of the file, line 709 or so):


            Insert "()" (open+closed parentheses, w/out spaces) before the exclamation point (!) and before the closing parenthesis, so that the line reads like this:


            Save your changes.

            Place the edited whtopic.js and whver.js into your output set and see if this makes a difference. I got this from a contractor I used to work with and it fixed the problem for me. The only drawback is that you have to overwrite whtopic.js and whver.js w/ the edited versions each time you regenerate your output.

            Hope it works!

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              I'm having this same problem with the TOC in Safari. The solution posted by hurdl1 did not work for me. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to solve this problem? Thanks!
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                You don't say what version you are using.

                Changes were made in RH7 and more particuarly, the second patch. Whether or not that will help I cannot guarentee.

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                  Seropes and I have the identical problem. I'm using RH HTML 7.02.001 and outputting to WebHelp Pro. I've successfully applied the Chrome fix to restore the mission TOC but cannot get a TOC/Index/Search pane to appear in Safari 2. (2.04). All other flavors of IE, Safari, and FireFox (Mac and Windows) seem OK.

                  This project was created with an earlier version of RH and recently upgraded. Is it possible a template update isn't getting carried up into my project. That was the case with the Chrome fix. I had to make the fix to my template directory and to my project output directory.