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    [How To] Silent Install | Adobe Reader 11.0.1

    Baigley Level 1

      Download the latest Adobe Reader exe from FTP
      - ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/
      - 11.x > 11.0.01 > en_US > AdbeRdr11001_en_US.exe


      ** I recommend using a VM for the following **


      • Copy the EXE to your virtual machine.
      • Run the EXE, but do not click 'Next'
      • Go to Start and run and type '%ProgramData%\Adobe\Setup' and hit OK.
      • Here you will find the extracted installation files in a folder '{AC76.....}'
      • Copy these files to another location.



      Once copied to another location, you can cancel the setup.


      • Open the 'AcroRead.msi' in Adobe Customization Wizard XI.
      • Make any changes necessary for your environment.
        • Such as Silent, accept EULA, supress reboot, disable product updates, etc.
      • Once all changes are complete, go to 'Transform' and then 'Generate Transform'
      • Save this file as 'AcroRead.mst' in the same directory.
      • Go to file and 'Save Package' to save the MSI.
      • The setup.ini will now include 'TRANSFORMS=AcroRead.mst'


      Being that you made the customized MST file, you can now run the 'Setup.exe' and it will pull whatever settings you created. If you chose to do silent, it will run as that. You can now deploy this through SCCM as a package, or deploy through Group Policy.

      This is one method for producing a deployable package. Option 2 is downloading the latest MSP from the FTP and applying through the main 11.0.0 MSI. There will not be one MSI provided from Adobe for updates such as this, but rather the additional MSP files.


      I hope this helps.