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    Why is Photshop/CSS extension only for Cloud users?

    direktor63 Level 1

      Is it just so Adobe can extract more money from the Faithful?


      I resent having to sign up to Creative Cloud to get the new updates - some of us have very limited budgest and nearly £30 a month is nigh on extortion!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          There is no question Adobe is offering the quickest access to new features to cloud subsribers.  Those opting for perpetual licenses (which cost them less and thus make less money for Adobe) will have to wait until the next major version release.


          Not that I like having to pay so much any more than you do, but is it any real surprise Adobe is making as much money as they can from the software only they have?  You'd do the same if you had invented the only thing in the world that millions of people wanted.



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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Unfortunately, it's a case of getting used to it.


            In the eyes of software vendors, the business case for the software subscription model (compared to perpetual licenses) is now irresistible.


            So the incentives for joining the Cloud will be getting stronger month by month. More and more apps will be included in the Cloud, early Cloud-only access to new features, more and more storage space, new and improved online services etc etc.


            The vendors are creating a clear divide between perpetual licenses and Cloud offerings so that your resistance withers to nothing.


            Don't be surprised to see the perpetual licensed offerings discontinued sometime in the future. Just personal speculation here.


            Adobe and Microsoft and others are addicted to the revenue potential from subscriptions and that's the direction in which their future engineering and marketing efforts will be going.