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    "disk full" message? when exporting 60fps sequences with "match sequence settings"?


      Hi, I have searched the forums for this subject and found many discussions that went in different directions but no solutions or input from Adobe.



      everything exports well, both directly from PremPro CS6 and from AME (all input files (like 720p or 1080 p .mts AVCHD or .mp4 H264), all sequence settings, all export settings (like H264, 30 fps, 60 fps)

      EXCEPT "match sequence settings" for 60 fps 1080p or 720p AVCHD footage, THEN you get the message "Disk full" after 10-20 seconds.

      Of course, the disc is not full, there are no applied effects, and it worked well in CS5.5!!


      So, Adobe, what can be done about this, no update yet??