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    Liquify tool stopped working properly need help ASAP!


      Ok so last night I used the liquify tool on a selected area of a picture and it worked fine. Well, now when I select my area and try to use it, it just slightly warps the area and does nothing else. The liquify screen and options never come up. I think it's just repeating what I did in liquify the last time I used it instead of giving me the option to do what I need to do. It just won't let me do ANYTHING with the tool other than the warping(what I think is the "repeating" of the previous uses effects) everything else in photoshop is working fine for me, this is the only problem I'm having. Before this, it would just crash when I tried to open liquify but I fixed that by changing the video codecs/plugins to the ones  that work with it so that is no longer a problem, it doesn't freeze or anything. So why is it just repeating what I did last time? Why can't I USE the effect? Help! lol