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    MP4 file doesn't play immediately when I move forward or backward in Media Player


      Hello there,


      I have a problem with Media Player and I appreciate if someone could help me.


      I have a project created in Adobe Premier CS5, all footage are 1920x1080 29.97 fps. After I done with editing I encoded with adobe encoder with the following details:




      29.97 fps

      Level 3.2


      Audio 192 kbps

      VBR, 1 Pass

      Target 4.00, Max 4.00 Mbps

      Also selected Use Maximum Render Quality


      I rendered the first half of the video and played it in Media player, when I move the file forward or back it takes almost 20 sec. to play again that part of the video. It plays fine with VLC player and Quick Time, but not media player. I tried another video from someone else and it doesn't have this problem with Media player, it plays fine when I move the video forward or back.


      Could You please some one tell me what I am doing wrong? is my setting wrong? Unfrtunately I cannot ignore Media player and use another player because this file is for an online display which the browser is Media Player.