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    After Effects CS6 hangs for about 20 seconds every few minutes or so.

    kilowattson-9hTG75 Level 1

      I'm using AE CS6 and every few minutes (anywhere from 5 to 20) it'll just hang for about 20 seconds. The spinning Windows 7 wheel pops up, then when I click AE it goes transparent white and "not responding" pops up in the title bar. I wait about 20 seconds and everything returns to normal. I can't figure out WHAT could be causing this as there's no log or error to really check.


      32 gigs of RAM on a Xeon E3 v2 Ivy Bridge chip. 660 Ti Nvidia card. Windows 7 Pro.


      It's such a weird vague problem, that I don't know how to troubleshoot it. Multiprocessing of frames is turned off. 24 gigs allocated to AE.