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    Photoshop in a Crash Loop




      I've got a photo retoucher in my ad agency studio that has run into a nasty problem.


      She was working with smart objects in Photoshop CS6 on a MacPro tower running 10.7.5 and Photoshop crashed and then when she restarted it, it went into an endless loop where Photoshop and Adobe Application Manager each kept trying to boot and then crashing. I had to eventually kill them from the Activity Monitor.


      Rebooting, throwing away preferences and logging in as another user did not resolve the issue. I eventually uninstalled CS6 and reinstalled it and that worked for two days when it happened again.


      I've uninstalled CS6 again and I'm upgrading from Lion to Mountain Lion and then I'll reinstall the Adobe Suite and see if it works then but I'm running out of ideas.


      Has anyone seen this behavoir or have a suggestion on what I might try to fix this?