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    Preserve Quality of Ripped DVD to Premiere Pro CS5




      My computer decided to throw a tantrum and kill a good chunk of my documentary's source footage - including my documentary's premiere pro project. (What we thought was a genius backup system did not help preserve a backup copy of our files!) Praise be to God, not long before this tragic computer event happened, I burned my film onto DVD with DVD Menu - this was done through Encore.


      I'd like to pull my documentary film off the DVD and into Premiere. What is the best way to do this preserving the film's quality?


      This is what I tried:

      Ripped the DVD onto my desktop.

      Now I have a folder titled VIDEO_TS on my hardrive.

      Inside that folder are .vob files.

      I pulled the .vob files into Premiere Pro - it worked successfully. But is this the best way to do what I want?



      Set up:

      Windows 7 64bit

      Adobe Production Premium CS5



      Thanks in advance for your assistance!