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    burn tool effect still happens when painting with low opacity/flow


      i posted this before, and it wasnt resolved. i figured i'd wait for an update for it to be fixed. i'm using a samsung galaxy note 10.1, and i just downloaded the 14.2 andrioid update, and the problem still occurs. please fix this issue. photoshop touch could be the most useful app i own, but, as it is, it is completely unusable for me. when will the next update happen, and will it attempt to fix the brush opacity/ flow burn issue? The more time the paint brush remains unusable, the less familiar i become with photoshop, and the more familiar i become with autodesk sketchbook. I want to like photoshop better, but for now i just could not recommend it to anyone seeking to use it for digital painting.Screenshot_2013-01-09-19-21-40.png

      the dark spots on this image were made without any change in my brush color. i simply made a lighter touch, with the pressure related opacity control on.