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    After Effects error: Could not launch Adobe Analysis Server (515)   ( 25 :: 101)  *POSSIBLE FIX*


      Hi. Im New to the forums so sorry in advance if i do something incorrect


      Since my Purchase of Adobe CS6, I was not able to use dynamic link, or the plugins that required you to connect to the Adobe Analysis Server (3d Tracker, Warp Stablizer ETC) It would always give me the error

      After Effects error: Could not launch Adobe Analysis Server (515)


      ( 25 :: 101)


      Or if i would use dynamiclink


      The Importer created a generic error


      Through hours and hours searching through the internet, and trying possible fixes, i found possible fixes that might help people with this error.


      *Before attempting any of these fixes, make sure you reinstall CS6 Using the Adobe Cleaner*



      This guide is for Windows OS Only.


      If the error still presists, try these options


      -If your windows account is not a administrator, Run Adobe After Affects CS6 As Administrator


      -Disable your Anti-Virus and your Firewall

      I know you have probably heard this over and over again, but this is mainly the cause of the problem. Some Anti-Viruses even when disabled, go into some sort of one eyed open mode, where it still monitors your computer ever so slightly, so you may want to uninstall the anti-virus. As for the firewall,


      1) Go to your start menu search "Check Firewall Status"
      2)Then to the left of the window, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off
      3)Then tick "Turn of Windows Firewall" on BOTH Home or work network and Public Network.


      -Close and Uninstall filtering and spyware programs such as Netnanny and Premiere Opinion. This might be using the TCP Ports that is needed for After effects, dynamic link and adobe analysis server to communicate


      -Start up Adobe Analysis server Manually. This can be done by going to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files and running Adobe Analysis server.exe as Adminisrator, Then starting Premiere, After effects, etc.


      -If the Adobe Cleaner didnt already, Clean your registry. This can be done with free applications such as CCleaner.


      If none of those options work,  I would suggest a full format and reinstall of windows.


      I hope this would help people with this issue.