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    Can I change the path of linked PPT in Captivate file?




      I am using Adobe Captivate 4.0. I used the 'linked'option to my PPT project while creating the Captivate file.
      Now I require to copy the folder containing the PPT and Captivate file to another location called the version 2 folder and make changes to the PPT file. However the changes I make to the PPT(at the version 2 folder) is not reflected in the captivate file(at the version 2 folder).

      I understand that this is because I selected the linked'' option initially to connect my PPT to the captivate file, which referenced the path of the PPT.

      However, is there a way where I could change the path of the linked PPT in the Captivate file so that I do not require to re-create the captivate file for the Version 2 PPT (the PPT has minor changes only) ?


      Thanks for your help in advance.

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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



          If you are willing to update the file location of your Linked PPT, try it this way.


          1) Change the location of your PPT to the final destination folder

          2) Launch your Captivate 4 in Edit View, under library, Right Click and go to 'Properties'

          Cp4 update link.jpg


          Hit the update button and it should give you a prompt about updating the source location, Hit 'Ok' and proceed to browse and link the correct location.


          3) Save once done.

          4) Now once, you update it should reflect the changes that you made in your PPT meanwhile.


          PS: make sure you keep a backup of your CP before this.