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    Inconsistent render times


      Hey all


      I'm relatively new to After Effects and rendering videos and such. My main issue is how inconsisent my render times are and the inconsitency of my % of RAM being used. I don't have the fastest for computer for this and I know that: I expect my render times to take a bit. But When I first started this a month ago, my % of RAM being used was around 85%, and now its like 17%. I never changed anything, it just doens't use as much RAM now. I don't run anything while rendering or mess around on my computer.


      Also, the times are weird. I understand that render times differ due to different effects and files and parts and all that, but mine are way off it seems. Yesterday it took me 4 hours to render a 5 minute video, and then later that night it took me 3 hours to render an 11 minute video. Both videos were rendered with the same settings and both featured one video and one audio file. Why are they so different? Any tips on making these speeds faster? I have Windows 7 with 4 GB of RAM and then just a standard Graphics card and all that.