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    Reset preferences by InDesign while installing a new version of plugin



      Our company developed a Plug-In for InDesign.

      This works on InDesign CS5.5 und CS6 for Mac OSX and Windows.

      Currently we have developed a new version of this Plug-In.

      Old version 1.6 and new version 2.0.

      On an InDesign with Plug-In version 1.6 we have trouble if we trying to install version 2.0.

      Here will be reset the preferences by InDesign after successfully installation version 2.0 and at start the InDesign.


      After some experiments i have found out, that in “InDesign Defaults” and “InDesign Saved” files exists an entry regarding the plug-In.

      After starting my Plug-In 1.6 in InDesign the entry will be added to these files. If i uninstall the Plug-In and start/stop the InDesign i find still the plug-in entry in “InDesign Defaults” and “InDesign Saved” files.

      While starting the InDesign after installation the Plug-In 2.0 detect the InDesign a conflict in “InDesign Defaults” and reset the Preferences. See below image


      InDesign Preferences.gif


      Can i cleanup these files after uninstalling the old Plug-In without losing my Preferences?

      Can i prevent the input of the Plug-In entry to these files?