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    As a new Creative Cloud subscriber, I can't quite grasp Business Catalyst.

    s_lockhart Level 1

      So I recently ditched my stand alone software for a Creative Cloud membership.  So far I absolutely love it.  I've been a bit overwhelmed with all the new software I never used before and, while I doubt I need most of it, I've at least been trying things out.  The thing about Business Catalyst is that I can't seem to seperate the basics of what it is from the advertising rhetoric.  Besides being a "solution for businesses" or some other tag line, can someone fill me in on the details some?


      From what I have grasped so far it is simple web hosting with added tools for businesses and I know that I get 5 free sites with my CC subscription. 


      Now can I upload anything I want to these sites or do they have to be business oriented?

      Could I host my portfolio using Business Catalyst?  What about snapshots from my summer vacation? 

      My test site URL was http://sitename.businesscatalyst.com    Is this also the permanent URL?  Will I have register a domain name elsewhere or is that included when I push the site live? 

      I've noticed BC doesn't support PHP code, does that mean I will not be able to run web apps such as Wordpress?


      I'm sure others have asked these questions before, but its so hard to sort out the useful data from the sales pitches.