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    Help Please! Video is running slower than audio . Premiere CS6


      Hello everybaody.

      I have that frustrating problem whit video runing slower than the audio. When i choose a video clip from my Phone for example(format 1980-1080 mp4 file)

      It starts normal and after 4-10 seconds the video starts running slower and is getting me crazy. I thought it could be because of my hardware performance if its

      not that good but actually I have a good notebook (Asus G74sx). It does happen whit most of the video files i tried but no all. Some video files are running good.

      I am new to this video editing world so guys please help me and give me an advice what to do ? Its really annoying me. I have also exported some of these videos

      that the picture is slower than the voice and after the export all the play programmmes are playing the same way. But when i play the videos before i touch them with

      the Premiere they are running absolytely whit no problem.

      Thank you for your time , and i am looking forward to hear from you guys.