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    Hardware Load Balancer for Web Servers, Publishers and Authors



        We are designing a new setup where there are 2 x Web Servers, 2 x Publishers, and 2 x Authors (Clustered), and 3 x hardware Load Balancers.

        To configure the load balancer correctly, was advised not to set sticky bit on the load balancer facing the Internet. Sticky bit will be enabled between the Web Servers and Publishers, and Web Servers and Authors.

        Questions ;

      1. Potentially, load will go to one Publisher if sticky bit is enabled ?

      2. If there is no sticky enabled between the Internet and Web Servers, the Clustered Author might lost it's sessions, and potentially lost the edited page if it's not saved (Web Server switch over because of load balancer between the Internet and Web Servers) ?


      Internet ->LB (no sticky bit)->Web Servers->LB(sticky bit)->Publishers

                                                                  ->LB (stick bit)->Authors


        Appreciate if someone can help.


      Thanks !

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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee



          CQ authoring does not leverage server side sessions, therefor you'll never loose data because of this.


          But: As the cluster has a small delay on synchronisation, it could be, that on a write and subsequent read you'll get the old content, if you don't have sticky sessions (because both requests are not processed by the same server). Therefor I advise you to use sticky sessions in front of a CQ authoring cluster.