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    Data Merge " in CSV file a clue to issues?

    Fort Knox Out

      I'm working on my first ever datat merge but encountering some issues.  The first few fields merge properly, but the data is not lining up starting at a certain point.  For example, reference 1 email address is showing up where I want the project description to appear.  Where zip code should be is the file path of the image that should appear on opposite page in frame. 


      When I looked at the CSV file, the 1st data point where I noticed misalignment has quotes around it (there are many more that have the ".)  I removed all of the "s in the CSV file but that did not help.  I looked again at the excel file and there are no forced returns, I removed wrap text, I set all cells to text formatting.  I have also tried saving as a tab delimited file.  No dice.  


      Any advice would be greatly appreicated.  I've been at this all morning!!