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    Batch Editing to Create Watermark on Multiple Clips




      I have a bunch of clips that I am trying to apply a watermark to. I have my workflow currently set up in Premiere Pro but there is no way (that I know of) to apply a watermark to them all at once. Is there a way that I can do this in After Effects?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just for a watermark I'd use PPRO. Just make your watermark in Photoshop or AI, add it as a layer above your video footage, set the blend mode to overlay or screen, then extend  the watermark to cover the entire length of the clips in a single timeline. Same thing in AE except it will be easier to string multiple clips or a bunch of footage together in PPro than in AE.

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            cfg_2451 Level 2

            What Mr. Gerard said. This is what I do to create my logo bugs. Clean, easy, and simple. What's not to like?

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              filmering Level 1

              Right. That makes sense. But, ultimately I need to upload a bunch of

              individual clips to the internet. How do you go about exporting multiple

              clips in a sequence in PPRO without having to change the work area for each


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                filmering Level 1

                Can anyone help with the last bit of this workflow? I'm trying to figure

                out the best way to export all of the individual clips from the timeline

                without having to do them all individually. I'm using PPro 5.5.



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                  BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                  If you want to add the watermark to a bunch of individual clips, then it might be better to import them all into After Effects at once, create a composition with all of them, use the keyframe assistant to sequence the layers, then set the workspace for each clip in the timeline, send it to the render and save it each time you change it by doing the following:


                  a.) Click best settings in the Render Queue and click custom

                  b.) Click OK and that will save the current workspace you have selected so you don't have to create a new composition for each clip or change the workspace, render and change the workspace again before you do the next render.


                  Or you could also import in all of your clips, drag them all on the create new compositon icon and select the following settings:


                  Then you're going to have to go into each composition and add the watermark to each one.  The upside to this is they'll already be set up in the render queue.

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                    filmering Level 1

                    Thanks, Ben. I'll look into these methods. I guess I just can't have it all. Either way it looks like I have to do something to every clip be it rendering or watermarking them all separately.

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                      BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                      I feel like the first method I mentioned is your best bet. Here's a detailed workflow with more screenshots:


                      1.) Import all of your files including your watermark.  I think the best way to create the watermark is to use Photoshop.  First go to File > New.

                      .    Since my footage is 1920 x 1080, I used the HDTV 1080p/29.97 Preset as shown in this screenshot:

                      A) Next to Preset: Select Film & Video

                      B) Since the footage I'll be importing into After Effects is 1920 x 1080, I selected HDTV 1080p/29.97 next to Size:.  If your footage is a standard size then there should also be a preset that matches it.

                      C) Finally set the Background Contents: to Transparent.


                      2.) When you're done making your watermark in Photoshop I would suggest saving it out as a PNG file.  PNGs will maintain the transparency, they're excellent quality and the file size is smaller than TIFFs or PSDs and my experience is this will help After Effects run more smoothly.


                      3.) Create a New Composition from Selection.

                      A) Shift select all of your clips.  Then drag and drop them onto the Create a New Composition icon.

                      B) This will open up the New Composition from Selection window.  In the Create box select Single Composition.

                      C) If you are doing this with different sized clips it won't work.  Otherwise it will automatically be set to Use Dimensions From: the first clip you dragged onto the icon.  In this case Car L to R.mov is the first one I dragged.

                      D) Since you're going to be rendering this right back out select Add to Render Queue.

                      E) Then select Sequence Layers to line up the layers into a sequence within the composition.

                      F) Finally, click OK. This will immediately add the clip to the Render Queue.


                      4.) Now you're going to want to set up your timeline, so click back to your composition tab.

                      A) Drag your watermark over your clips and make sure that it extends to the end of your composition.

                      B) Change the blending mode to Overlay.

                      C) Hit the T key to activate the Opacity control and change the opacity to 25%.

                      D) In this case the beginning of the Work Area is already set to the beginning of the composition.  But, in the future you can press the B key to set the beginning of the work area to wherever the playhead is located.

                      E) Hold the shift key to snap the playhead to the last frame of the first clip.  Then press the N key to set the end of the end of the work area.  Note that the N key places the end of the work area immediately after the frame you're currently viewing.


                      5) Then click back on the Render Queue tab.

                      A) Click Best Settings.

                      B) Click Custom.  This will open the Custom Time Span window.

                      C) Since the render queue automatically recognizes where you have your work area set up, you don't need to do anything.  Just click OK and this will save your current work area position.

                      D) Click OK again to exit the Best Settings window. 


                      6) Repeat the second part of step 4.

                      A) Make sure that the playhead is showing the very first frame of the second clip and press the B key to set the beginning of the work area.

                      B) Hold down the shift key to snap to the end of the clip.  Press the N key to set the end of the work area.  Then press Control Command M or Command Shift / to send the second clip to the render queue.


                      7.) Repeat Step 5, but rename the clip with it's actual name.  If you don't it will be fine, but After Effects will keep the same clip name and add numbers to ends of all your clips.


                      8.) Finally, I would recomend making an Output Module template.  To do this, click on the upside down triangle to the right of Output Module: and select Make a Template.  Then set up your render settings as you like and save them so you can select as many of your clips as you'd like and paste the same Output Module onto them.  


                      However, if you're going to upload these clips to the Internet using Vimeo or Youtube for example.  I would highly suggest using Adobe Media Encoder.  After Effects is not designed to export the H.264 files these websites require and you'll get far better quality by using the Youtube or Vimeo presets in Adobe Media Encoder. 


                      To do this, follow steps 3, 4 and 6 exactly as the screenshots indicate only instead of clicking Best Settings and setting the Custom Time Span in the After Effects Render Queue, click the preset setting under your composition in Adobe Media Encoder and set the Source Range to Work Area.


                      The only thing you have to remember when doing this is that you have to save your After Effects project each time you drag and drop the composition into Adobe Media Encoder.  Since Adobe Media Encoder communicates with After Effects through Dynamic Link, the project must be saved in order for it to update the current Work Area.


                      I've tested the above method and it works fine, but if you still have trouble with it, go back to step 3, import your clips as Multiple Compositions and add the watermark to each one.  Then save your After Effects project and drag all of your compositions into Adobe Media Encoder at once. Then shift select all of them and drag the preset you'd like to use onto the clips.

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                        shooternz Level 6

                        I would set them up in Premiere and use a series of Shortcut keys  to get them off to Media Encoder and Batch Export them.


                        Assuming its a common Watermark (eg a logo)


                        Something like:


                        One video layer for watermark and have all the clips sequenced underneath on a single layer.


                        Shortcut to Select next Clip

                        Shortcut to  apply Area Work Bar over selection

                        Shortcut to Open in AME

                        Wash>Rinse>Repeat for all clips


                        Apply Your Export Preset to all of them....



                        Walk away ( go have a beer or something)

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                          filmering Level 1

                          shooternz <http://forums.adobe.com/people/shooternz>! That is exactly what

                          I am looking for. I am using Premiere 5.5 and I cannot find the command

                          either as a menu item or a shortcut to "apply work area bar over

                          selection." Does it exist?

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                            BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                            My preferred method would be to use the mouse to select clips in the sequence and press the forward slash key to set In/Out points for only the selection.  Then press Command M to open the clip in AME.  But, if you do it this way be sure to set the Source Range to Sequence In/Out:


                            Finally apply your preset, name your clip and press Queue to add it to the Adobe Media Encoder Queue.


                            Or, you could use the up and down arrow keys to move from edit point to edit point.  Then use alt [ and alt ] to set th In/Out points of the work area and press Command M to open the clip in AME.  Then apply your preset, name your clip and press Queue.


                            When you have all of your clips ready, save your Premiere Pro project and close Premiere.  Then press the green play button in the upper right corner of the AME queue panel or press Return.

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                              • create your watermark in Photoshop (to be safe, make it the exact size or preferably twice that so you never have to scale it up)
                              • save it as a PNG 24 (make sure TRANSPARENCY is checked)
                              • drag one of the videos you want to watermark into Adobe Media Encoder and apply the preset you want to you use for the final video (e.g., YouTube 720p 29.97, etc.)—this is for positioning reference
                              • in the Queue window, click on the preset name (YouTube 720p 29.97)
                              • click the EFFECTS tab
                              • check IMAGE OVERLAY
                              • in the APPLIED drop-down menu go to "CHOOSE..."
                              • select your PNG
                              • use the SIZE, OFFSET, and OPACITY settings to get it just where you want it (note that you can use the timeline indicator below to move the video to whatever reference frame you want)
                              • Click on the SAVE PRESET icon (next to PRESET: CUSTOM at the top)
                              • Click OK


                              You'll now see that your custom preset shows up under USER PRESETS & GROUPS at the top of the Preset Browser


                              • Drag all of the videos you want watermarked onto the Queue window
                              • Hit the encode (play) button
                              • DONE!


                              Unfortunately, AME doesn't add the name of the preset to the end of the encoded file. By default, it will save it to the same folder as the original and put a "_1" after it. In my instance, I had about 12 different watermarks applied to 10 different movies, so I just used an app called Renamer (Mac) to batch rename all "_1"s to "watermarked" or something specific.

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                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I was just to suggest the same workflow as an option. Another option is to create an animation preset using a text layer, then save the animation preset.  Next import all your clips into AE and drag them all into the new comp icon at the bottom of the Project Panel or select Create Comp from Selection and select multiple comps, then step through each comp and apply your recently save animatiion preset. Add all to the render cue and add to AME....


                                The first solution is easier. I have a preset setup for AME that just says PROOF at a 45º angle so clients won't try and post unfinnished work. I use it all the time.

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                                  filmering Level 1

                                  Brilliant! Thanks for the tip. I am no longer using this workflow but will remember this trick in the future.


                                  Also, Adobe Bridge has a rename function as does Prelude (I think, correct me of that's wrong) and I believe you can do the same using Apple's Automator application. I like Bridge's rename function because it allows you to save a preset if you have a complex naming convention. I haven't tried Renamer so I can't give a real comparison.