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    InDesign CS5.5 crashing when opening some files


      I have been trying solutions posted for a week and haven't found one that works.  Would appreciate any help anyone has.


      A single page InDesign file will makes it to the window where it is attempting to load fonts, then crashes. However, file will open on a different comuter running same software, same versions and updates.


      I removed all fonts from the document and it will open, which seems to point to a font problem. Odd thing is, other documents can be opened that are using the same fonts.


      Have tried:

      • Upgrading to os 10.8
      • Running ID icons update
      • Removing and re-installing fonts
      • Removing and re-installing font manager software (font agent pro v4)
      • Restarting InDesign and trashing prefs
      • Running smasher
      • Running font nuke
      • Reparing permissions on computer
      • Removing SING files
      • And probably a few other things


      This issue is affecting some but not all computers in a 30 computer environment.


      All computers are on the same os version (10.7.4) , same InDesign version (5.5), some are using Font Agent 4 and some are on 5.


      I have posted the crash report on pastebin.com, user bpozna, title indesign quit unexpectedly.


      Would appreciate any help. Let me know if you need any additional info.