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    Action that finds specified words and highlight the whole sentence or paragraph

    Leo Tse

      Hi All,


      I know a action file from Acrobat users group (http://acrobatusers.com/content/find-highlight-words-and-phrases) which find and highlight a set of words using Acrobat action. But, is this possible to modify the javascript to select and highlight the "whole sentence" of the word selected? I have no knowledge about javascript, but hope I can learn how to search a word and grab the sentence or even the paragraph that a selected word appears in!


      Thanks a lot for all your help.


      I copied the said javascript in below:


      / Highlight Color

      var colHilite = color.yellow;

      var oDoc = event.target;



      var aAnnts = oDoc.getAnnots({sortBy:"Author"});

      for(var i=0;i<aAnnts.length;i++)


         if(aAnnts[i].type == "Redact")


            aAnnts[i].type = "Highlight";

            aAnnts[i].strokeColor = colHilite;