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    Is it possible have the css code within the main .FLA without having it externally?


      I'm trying to have everything within one .FLA because this file will be moved around everywhere and having an external CSS posses a liability and something not working right, so I've been looking around the net with no luck so I'm here asking...


      Is it possible to have all of it in one frame and just call for it when needed. So far I've been able to simplify the as2 code to call the CSS but still can't make it be within the .FLA (still requires an external file)


      this is in frame one.


      var format = new TextField.StyleSheet();



      output.styleSheet = format;

      output.text = "<br><p class='one'>I don't like external files.</p>";


      it works well... but like i said...


      Thank you in advance for your time and response



      does flash hate border styles?... can't get them to work...