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    Move the work area handles to a smaller subset of time line, it exports wrong timeline area


      Adobe Premeire Pro 6.03

      Win 7 with latest patches

      Core i7-920 2.66ghz with 12 gb ram

      Nvidea GE Force GT220 with latest driver


      My video is about 37 min. The source is an mp4 640x480 file about 37 min long, about 220Mb. When I move the work area handles to a smaller subset of the time line, to export a 10 minutes section at the end, it export the 10 minutes, but it is always the first 10 minutes, not the last 10 minutes.


      I scrapped the project, rebooted the box, and started a new project from scratch.  Added the 220Mb mp4 file, moved the work area handles to a 45 second subset at the end, and it does the same thing.


      In both cases, a had the source range "work area" selected. All I basically want to do is chop this 37 minute video up into smaller sections/files. I need to hit precise in/out points and am using the work area handles to do that... But so far not working...I am at my wit's end.


      Any thoughts?