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    Indexing and paragraph numbers




      I work for a small publishing company and we're trying to improve our workflow by automating some tasks. We publish a tax analysis reference book, citing gov't tax regulations throughout the book. In the appendix we include a citations index with every regulation listed and the paragraph number where it can be found.



      ^The paragraph number in the paragraph heading, and the citation (24831.6).



      ^The index entry


      Currently, we build the index manually and it takes quite a while given the book's 500 pages. I can automate this citation index, but obviously the problem is grabbing the paragraph number. Anyone have any insight? Below is a screen of the full body page.




      We also have a word index which requires the same solution.



      Thank you so much for your help. We are open to partnering up with a developer if needed. We currently have CS5.5.