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    Call a .Net service

    Paulcardo Level 1



      Im converting a Html/Jquery game to Edge Animate, the game calls to  .Net services


      original version uses:



      type: "GET",

      async: false,

      url: "http://my.domain.com/balancews.asmx/GetPlayerBalance?customerId=18829",

      dataType: "xml",

      error: function (err) {

             alert('An error happened while getting your money profile. You will be redirected to logon page.\r\nError is: ' + err.status);

            document.location.href = "iamout.aspx";


      success: function (data) {

                console.log('SendBetAction  success');




      in Edge works the same code,

      in the Edge API I did not find any reference how to call services  http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/es_ES/edgeanimate/api/current/index.html


      my question is, In Edge there is a better code to do the same?