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    Drawing a curved line w/ Actionscript

      I'm having a tough time trying to dynamically figure out what a control point should be between a start and end point. I would like to consistently get a soft curve between the two points. The ideal curve would look something like this:

      My problem comes in when I need to figure out the math to get the control point (p1 in that graphic). I see a lot of code out there drawing a sine curve or something more detailed, but I'm getting lost when it's just one curve. Ideally, I think what I'm looking for is a function along these lines:

      function drawCurvedLine(target_mc,startX,startY,endX,endY,curveAngle){

      The "curveAngle" argument would be a degree like 30, 45, etc...

      If anybody can help, I would appreciate it greatly. If I'm not thinking about this correctly, let me know.