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    CQ5.4 publish to Scene7 works but shows as failed

    mtremblay33 Level 1

      Using Adobe CQ 5.4



      I am trying to upload an asset to Scene7 from the DAM. The workflow model has been configured. When I click on "Publish to Scene7", I get the message "Publishing failed". The upload actually did work, though, because the asset is in Scene7.


      The Scene7 workflow ECMA script does not log anything of relevance. The problem seems to come from cq-dam-scene7-5.4.0.jar. The log shows three consecutive *INFO* entries (coming from the JAR file), then the entry:


      10.01.2013 16:06:37.620 *ERROR* [JobHandler: /etc/workflow/instances/2013-01-10/model_1357851996443285000:/content/dam/saq/matthieu/mo untain.png] etc.workflow.scripts.uploadScene7Asset$ecma failed


      So while the upload worked, on the CQ side the DAM asset never gets updated to reflect this. This also causes the Scene7 Sidekick components to not work at all.


      Has anyone encountered something similar? There's the exact same problem here http://forums.adobe.com/message/4656056#4656056 but it's for CQ 5.5. I am using 5.4.