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    Is there a problem using 9x16 aspect ratio pictures

    RowanPaul Level 1

      I'm trying to create the lens profiles for my GoPro Hero2 camera (I have succsesfully created the profiles for photo mode) but I cannot do the same for video mode. I have extracted the nine photos from the video streams but the Lens Profile Creator allways comes back with the following error message "Generate lens profile failed because the camera model solver failed to find a solution."?


      The calibration & Grid Detection seems to recognize and is able to process the images.


      Is the "model solver" looking for a 3x4 image in it's calculations?

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          simonsaith Adobe Employee

          That should work as long as the checkerboard chart that you used for the shoot has 1:1 black/white squares. The model solver does not assume input image aspect ratio or even square pixels. The error message just says that it could not find a solution. You could try to give more images. Does the images have EXIF metadata that describes the focal length of the lens used? That would be useful to help the algorithm out. You could use the exiftool to inject such metadata if they are missing from the image.