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    What happened to processing an effect to end of view while in edit mode????


      Back when Audition was Cool Edit Pro, they had an option while adding effects while in Edit Mode that would let you highlight a section of the waveform, add an effect say like an echo, then would allow to process that effect to the end of view. That was a beautiful thing.... Since Adobe took over, that has been missing. I can't believe I was the only one out there that used this option. It was a HUGE time saver!!! Say like I want to add an echo to only one word. I could highlight that word, add the echo, then have the word echo past the highlighted area until it faded completely, or reached the end of the view. Now, I have to highlight that word, cut and paste it into a new track, then go back into edit mode, extend silence to the end of the file, add the echo effect, go back to multitrack mode and then mixdown the 2 files. This is rediculous and time consuming. Am I missing that option somewhere or does it not exist?? Or maybe someone out there has a better way to do it???  Or better yet....ADD THAT OPTION BACK IN!!!!