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    ANE within captive runtime



      this is my first post to the community so I am not really sure if this is the right forum ... i hope so.


      I built an ANE for Android based on the zbar library to scan bar- and qr-codes ... it works pretty fine in debug mode and also works great when I release the app using it with the "Shared Runtime" option.


      But I need the captive runtime as our customer wants the app to be as easy as possible for the users and so an additional download of the AIR-Runtime (if its not installed) is not the way we want it to be.


      I really hope someone can help me out and point me to the right direction what could be wrong with the ANE.


      Basically it is just one function called from ActionScript to the native code and this one starts an activity with a camera view and the zbar listener. When it recognizes the bar/qr code the activity dispatches the status event to ActionScript and exits.
      When i build the app with captive runtime nothing happens when i hit the button which should start the native code ... as i dont have flash builder debug information available within the release build i really dont know what the problem is. Also general android LogCat doesnt report any error.
      As i stated before, with the shared runtime and in debug-mode everything works as expected and the content of the bar/qr code is returned correctly.
      That's why I think the error must be somewhere in the as3 code - but i have no clue where ... i read something about external linkage of the ANE but dont really understand what was meant and if this could be the problem.


      Please help, thanks in advance ... and if this is the wrong forum for that topic please point me to the right one.