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    Why does my timeline preview crop/zoom in on the original footage?

    William_merle00 Level 1

      In the thumbnails (bottom left) the shots are nice and wide. The same width/height shots are displayed when I double-click a thumbnail and it plays in the top left corner. Heres the problem: when I drop a clip into the timeline and go to play it, the clip is suddenly only showing 2/3's of the frame like it was cropped or zoomed in 2 or 3 times.  I know the raw imported footy is not cropped because I can see it (how it should look) in the thumbnail and other window (top left) looking exactly how it should. Only in the timeline does it get zoomed in. This is for every clip, and no I didnt accidentally crop/zoom in.  Im thinking/hoping it has to be a timeline preview setting that needs to be adjusted. Also thought it might be a project setting that I didnt set up correctly with the footage type.  FYI, it is not the "zoom" setting in the preview window, I have it at 100% and tried 75% as well. It isnt the window, but the video inside the window which is zoomed in.  Does that make sense?  This is my first time using Premiere, but have been video editing with Sony Vegas for a few years so I am knowledgable of video, just not this interface..Help me please!! Thanks!