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    Elements 11 cannot see my Panasonic HDC-TM900


      Elements 11 cannot see my Panasonic HDC-TM900 camera; Windows 7, 64-bit; neither could Corel Video Studio Pro X4 but Windows Live Movie Maker can. I've rolled back the IEEE 1394 controller to the 1394 OHCI legacy driver as recommended elewhere but still no joy

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Check it under the Supported Camera List.




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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            This is an AVCHD camcorder (at least in HA and HG mode) and does not connect to a computer via FireWire. It connects via USB.


            You then use the Video Importer (Add Media/From Flip and Camera) to rip the video from the camcorder to your computer.


            Lesson 2 in my free 8 part Basic Training tutorial series shows you how to add media to your project.



            Also note that, although Premiere Elements 11 supports both 60p and 60i (or PAL 50p or 50i), 60p and 50p do take considerable more powerful computer hardware to edit.

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              I have managed to get the video file into the Corel program in the way you suggest and do some editing but a test render for output to HD-TV showed a marked loss of video quality. The HD camera came with some Panasonic software (HD Writer AE 3.0) which I'm going to take a look at.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I recommend you follow my suggestion and connect to the camcorder via USB with Premiere Elements' Video Importer, as I recommended above. Otherwise, you're liable to get farther from a solution rather than closer to it.


                If you've shot your video in HA or HG mode, you should able to load it right into Premiere Elements. Version 11 should even set the project up automatically for you as Full AVCHD 1920x1080 with either 60i or 60p, depending on how you've set up your camcorder to shoot.


                Once you've got these settings right and you've successfully connected to the camcorder with Premeire Elements, we can discuss the best output methods for your video.

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                  whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                  Steve's advice and knowledge is unsurpassed.  But, I don't think he has a Panasonic AVCHD/1080p60 camcorder.  Maybe I can add a little to the mix by explaining how I do it with PrE11.  It also worked with PrE9 and better with PrE10.  PrE11 added a little that makes it the best of the three.


                  I have a near twin to your camera (SDT-750), Win 7, Pre-11 and HDWriter.


                  My choice is to use HDWriter to move the files from the camera.  It works equally well with the camera connected with a USB cord or inserting the SD card in the computer.  I like it because it does a good job of organizing a file structure, provides quick preview and "lossless" cliping and joining.  It also has some other useful features, but falls far short of PrE11 when it comes to making videos with some creativitiy.


                  After HDWriter moves the files to the computer, I backup to an external HDD and then reformat the SD card in the camera.


                  HDWriter's functions require some small accessory files that PrE11 does not use.  The big ones that end in .m2ts are the ones you want for PrE11.  You can leave them where they are and they will be undesterbed by PrE11.  For major projects I put copies of the .m2ts files I want in a folder named for the project and tell PrE11 to keep the project files there too.


                  In PrE11 I do as Steve shows in his video, which is Add Media>Files and Folders.


                  I don't use the Elements organizer at all.   All formats the Panasonic camera produces, including the 1080p files, are handled well this way. 


                  You have a very good camcorder and PrE11 isexcellent software.  But, I don't think I would use PrE11 to open files on the camcorder without getting them moved to the computer first.


                  Hope this helps. 




                  PS:  If you have no use for the unique functions of HDWriter, you can copy just the .m2ts files with Windows Explorer and put them anywhere you want.