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    How to create custom renderers for all/specific extensions?


      Hi, I want to render a component the same way for all extensions, even unknown extensions. Is this possible to do? For example, I want http://localhost:4502/content/us/page1.html to render the same way as http://localhost:4502/content/us/page1.foobar.


      I have the sling:resourceType for "/content/us/page1" set to "us/components/all". Under /apps/us/components/all, I currently have all.jsp, GET.jsp, and even foobar.jsp. I also tried all.foobar.jsp. Unfortunately, only the requests that end in ".html" will render - http://localhost:4502/content/us/page1.foobar gives me a 404 error with sling messages.


      I would think that the GET.jsp by itself would handle all requests for all extensions, but when I have only GET.jsp in /apps/us/components/all, I still get a 404 page.


      If it's not possible to do for all extensions, at the very least I want to render the page for specific extensions, such as ".foobar". I can't find any instructions on dev.day.com for rendering non-html extension pages. (Update: I did find a page, but I still can't get it rendering for .foobar pages).


      Thanks in advance!