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    Percentage/px UI toggle and property text field (improve?)

    tfbkny Level 1

      I don't know if everyone is as annoyed as I am by how the percentage/px UI toggle and text field are currently working, but I figure I'd let the team and the community decide on this improvement. I don't think it's a candidate for an "Idea", more a suggestion to the Team to fix something coming in the way of productivity, especially when the end user needs to perform repetitive actions on several element as I was doing.

      Had to change the properties of several elements and while in a pure code one would do a search and replace for specific code (changing % to px for instance), in the UI each step needs to be repeated over and over (can't apply on muyltiple-selected symbols). Imagine having to:

      - change the W and H of an element contained within a symbol to set it from percentage to px,

      - change also the W and H of the containing symbol from percentage to px (while "inside the symbol" to edit its content and properties)

      - change also the W and H of the symbol from percentage to px from "outside" symbol editing mode


      Now imagine having to do that for multiple symbols (change from percentage to px a contained element, the symbol property from within the symbol and the property of the symbol on stage or nested within other containing symbols)... yes it can really drive someone nut.


      Well I hope I've been clear enough to illustrate quickly what the annoyance requiring time is... what makes it worse it's that when changing percentage to px the toggle moves around and when clicking on the textfield that covers the toggle itself (note: I'll leave aside the non rounded value that the field always show where 800 would become 800.1452 or something like that). Because of these "restless toggle syndrome" and the "attention-hungry property input text field" it becomes impossible to work quickly as the text field gets in the way and the toggle plays catch me if you can (almost like the bush-kerry election button joke )


      Anyway... I hope my OCD observation... I mean attention to details will help improve the UI. In some cases this can become a rather huge PITA, but I would not flag as critical, though would be an extremely nice to have fix/improvement.