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    Text alignment

    Indie767 Level 1

      I'm attemtping to migrate from Fireworks to PS so I can access and learn more features and tools. One of the reasons I like FW is that simple things like aligning objects and layers, for example, to the center, top or bottom of the page is easy.  I can't seem to achieve this very simple task in my version of PS CS5. For instance, to center a  layer, I'm supposed to select another layer to reference it to?  However, when I do this, the align function realigns the other layer I'm using as a reference too.  I read several help sections on this but I keep reading that the align tool can't affect a single layer.  If this is the case, why have an  alignment tool at all?  It's a very confusing feature!


      My question is this: can  photoshop  align seperate layers individually? Or should I continue to do that work, layout and design, in Fireworks and then save and import as a .psd file to finish my work in PS? (I know that PS is a great photo editing tool but I'm not sure if it is optimized for graphic design work like Fireworks is.)




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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          One way is to use selections to align objects within a layer.

          For example, if you wanted to center the object (layer) in the document you could Select>All and then use the align vertical centers and horizontal centers from  the tool options bar with the move tool selected.


          From the menu: Layer>Align Layers to Selection